Go Back to the Source: Walking in Your Purpose

I’ve been feeling this mental block and connection from the things that I used to love and I realized that I have been out of tune with my purpose. Things have been moving forward on the surface, but underneath, I have been stagnant. The opportunities I’ve dreamed about I am now experiencing, so what is there to complain about?

When you are not connected to a source it is impossible to walk in your purpose. You become money driven, follower driven, like driven, network driven and you fail to love the actual work the way you used to. The calling, the thing that kept you up at night, the hunger that overpowered pride, the essence of you goes missing, and without that everything else is pointless.

Honoring your calling is not for the faint at heart, so if you are not plugged in to the source of your purpose then there is nothing to replenish you when you are feeling depleted. I have felt this feeling of being stuck on numerous occasions, but the difference was that I was connected.

God gives us free will. He leaves it completely up to us to decide things for ourselves, to tap in to His voice or to disregard it and create our own. I always say that I am the poster child for learning things the hard way and I know God is constantly shaking his head at how head strong I am. I am no stranger to stepping outside of God’s will to do things my way only to feel this huge void…a feeling that something is different.

Why is it CRITICAL to go back to the source?

1. Authentic Vision

There is only one of you. Your purpose is your fingerprint., it is tailored to you and it was decided on long before you were born. When you are not connected to a source you are scrambling, pulling from random spouts of inspiration, burning yourself out on the hamster wheel of a million things that don’t work. They don’t work because they were never intended for you. You are trying on things that are not your size.

2. Peace in Challenging Times

Being connected to the source does not make you exempt form experiencing challenging times, but it gives you peace in knowing that your story was already written. You already know how your story ends. There is a peace in knowing that if you “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” you will reach your finish line. You do not have to worry about your pace in relation to the pace of others, but you can focus on you and continue to move forward just the way God intended.

3. Divine Connections

Connections come organically when “your people” find you walking in your purpose. I was once told, “when God wants to bless you he will send a person, and when the devil wants to curse you he will also send a person”. We must be mindful of the connections we make with others and ask God to approve anyone who wants to be admitted into our lives. It is impossible to read minds or predict the intentions of others. Our source is a foolproof security system to determine who gets to stay and who we must remove.