Atlanta Apparel: America's Mart Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Show

Atlanta Apparel Markets hosted a fashion show to display their 2019 Spring and Summer fashions and as always, this show did not disappoint. Walking into the venue was like a melting pot of everything that I love about the city of Atlanta. Leave it up to America’s Mart to host, not only host but completely slay, an Atlanta themed event. From Inman and Chandler Park stages all the way down to the runway being Piedmont Rd. In this post I will share some great trends that are coming in Spring/Summer 2019.

1. Classic Jean Jacket

The jean jacket is a classic piece that has not been limited to a season or a time period. For spring I anticipate that we will see revamped variations to the jean jacket. For example the addition of various fabrics, distressed patterns, varied sleeves, etc.

2. Natural Hues

More commonly a fall trend, olive hues may be a big hit for spring/summer. Similar to the classic jean jacket this color palette is becoming more of a timeless/season to season staple.

3. Animal Prints

I believe this will be more of a spring trend as it is a really popular trend for fall/winter 2018, so this will serve as a great transition trend.

4. Graphic Tees

When it comes to summer trends, comfort is the key. Graphic tees are a cool and comfortable way to be stylish in the heat.