Living Your Best Life: Cardi B Style

In retrospect I’ve never really fit in, I’ve never been a part of the “in crowd”, and it used to make me feel so insecure. I felt less than like if I were to be myself then I wouldn’t be received. As a result, I ended up being this safe, watered down version of myself, not embodying all that makes me truly amazing. I was afraid to curse because it wasn’t “lady like”…didn’t drink out of the bottle because it was “ratchet”…bit my tongue to avoid my confrontational nature...and so on...

I learned that you can be multifaceted. I did not have to force myself to fit into a box or under a label to help others feel comfortable about who I really am. Show up at your own pace instead of slowing down for others to catch up.

Cardi B’s new Album Invasion of Privacy dropped and right along with the album, she dropped some gems on being yourself to live your best life.

1. “Look myself in the mirror, I said we gone win. Knock me down 9 times I stand up 10…”

Life can take you for a spin and sometimes in a downward spiral. The only way to successfully overcome is to look at yourself in the mirror and do the work. I am not suggesting to anyone that they suffer in silence, but before you ask for help make sure you are doing your part. This quote also shows the level of faith you must have. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, what you’ve been through, what you’ve done...make up in your mind that you will win and focus on that!

2. “I’m my own competition, I’m competing with myself...”

A true challenge is outdoing yourself every day. I got the following quote from Nerd Nash, “Focus on yourself.” Don’t get caught up in stalking others in your field, so tuned in to outside influences that you aren’t in tune with where you are. When you put in effort to compete with outside forces, then you are using up energy you could be giving to yourself.

3.  “Had to talk to God I got down and prayed for this, to my surprise, he replied said you made for this...”

I do believe that my relationship with God, although imperfect, is the most important relationship that I have and will ever have. Consulting God and asking Him to make provision for your vision is a critical source to living your best life. She was surprised to hear from Him as we all have been in those moments where we fall short, and are trying to understand why God would see fit to bless us the way He does. Even if you think God won’t listen still talk to Him.

4. “I’m giggling can’t let the devil have the last laugh...”

 "One of the smartest things the devil could have done was convince people that he doesn't exist," is a saying that has stuck with me since the day I heard it (not sure when that was). With purpose the enemy will be hot on your trail. Stay the course, don’t give in.

5. “I don’t dance now I make money moves...”

This WELL KNOWN line speaks to everything that you are despite everything that you’ve been through. This signifies crossing the threshold. Leaving your past behind and walking in your calling.

6. “Be careful with me...”

It’s not a threat it’s a warning. Know who you are. You are valuable and if anyone (significant other, friend, family, work, etc.) is careless with how they handle you, then they no longer make the cut!

In closing, the level of transparency that Cardi is on is a major fuel source behind her living her best life. The album is amazing and I am excited to see her level up. Now step out, show up, and go be great!