DIY Photo Shoot Hacks

1. Enlist the help of a friend

As an influencer, blogger, or maybe you just want some really dope photos of yourself, hiring a photographer can be expensive. Enlisting the assistance of a friend is free, or in my case it may cost you a nice bottle of wine or to return the favor of playing photographer for their next shoot. Tell your friends don't think about it too much, this should be fun not pressure filled...just point, shoot, and make sure they get your best angles.

2. Grab a prop

I am awkward and it has taken me some time to find my comfort zone while being photographed,  but using props helps to ease my nervousness and look relaxed in my photos. Using a prop is also a good method to stage a shoot that relates to your industry. For example - I used a laptop and a microphone to shoot the cover art for my podcast and I used the props from my workshop to get photos to promote said workshop.

3. Move around

Off guards are the best, I mean unless you just "got it like that" (which some people definitely do lol). Get some action shots, shots of you in your natural state, and shots of yourself living in the moment. Remember photos are great for the gram, but most importantly these are memories you'll have to look back on and may need to pull from one day.

4. The camera phone will get the job done

I alternate between my camera and my phone. When I travel I plan to shoot with my camera, but my camera can be heavy to carry around for extended periods of time and honestly my phone is most convenient. If you are holding yourself back because you do not have a professional camera, do not fret...the photos I take on my phone (although they are not professional) look amazing as well. 

5. Editing apps that I use