Teeth Whitening for Coffee Stains [Sponsored Post]

{{This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant, but all thoughts are my own}}

Growing up I can remember my trips to the dentist were on schedule like clockwork. I was taught to value my smile and to take care of my teeth, because a genuine smile leaves a lasting impression.

As I grew older I developed into a wine and coffee lover. Of course...leave it to me to over indulge in two teeth staining beverages. I’ve always taken pretty good care of my teeth, but being honest, my love for coffee and wine had taken a much larger toll on my teeth than I realized. In a panic to restore my teeth back to their previous white stage, I ended up trying countless over the counter whitening kits, strips, touch up pens, toothpastes, and generic trays. I saw some improvement while using these products, but not the results that I desired.

I was very excited about trying out the Smile Brilliant system, but I was skeptical at first due to my many experiences with a variety of products in the past. I was willing to try the kit but I did not have grand expectations, and boy was I wrong.

The Process: Making your impressions

When you receive your kit, it comes complete with the following:

The first step is to open both the catalyst and base putty and mix them together until all traces of the white putty is blended in with the blue. The next is to place the putty into the plastic trays. The third is to place the putty filled plastic trays onto your top and bottom teeth and bite down (Please follow the instructions for getting a good impression to the “T”, because my impressions were sent back from the lab for being too shallow and I had to redo them)

Viola! After this stage you package your trays up and send them in to the lab to have your custom trays made.

The Evaluation: What I liked about the Smile Brilliant Whitening System

  1. The process is simple -The instructions are clear, concise, and easy to understand

  2. Fast turnaround time -Your trays are back from the lab within a week or two

  3. Fast results -I began to see results the very first time I used this system

 The Experience: Using the Smile Brilliant Whitening System

My gums were sensitive during my first time using this system, so I coated my gums in Vaseline the second time around I didn’t experience any sensation at all. I have sensitive teeth normally, so if you have sensitive teeth as well then, I highly advise rubbing Vaseline across your gums prior to whitening.

I started whitening for 45 minutes now I am up to 2 hours. Perfect to whiten while you blog, clean, or are busy managing tasks that will take some time.

 The Results:

*cue dramatic sound effect*

There is a clear improvement in the shade of my teeth after just one week of using this system. I am so happy that I found this product and I highly recommend this system!

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