Don’t Ask for Permission: Take What’s Yours

It can often feel as if we are waiting around for someone, anyone to tell us which direction to move in. Everything we need to live out our purpose has already been placed inside of us. You don’t need permission, just the heart to go after and TAKE what is already meant for you.

 “Stop asking for permission and start giving notice” – Lisa Nichols

Get clear about your WHY

Your “why” may be more important than completing the task at hand. It is easy to start something new. New love is always beautiful, a business launch is exciting, the first day of school is always fun. When something is new, it is fresh, the possibilities are endless, and the world is at your feet.

What about the first argument in the relationship, the first major mistake that cost your business thousands of dollars, the first grade you received that was less than desirable??? Do you have what it takes to continue to push and work through these things? Your “why” is the foundation upon which you build everything else. Your “why” is what will serve as the life boat carrying you from one failure to another until you reach your big break.

Before you start anything in life, whether it be a family, business, school, etc. clarify for yourself WHY you are beginning this new journey.

Focus on yourself

I learned a long time ago that people will never just allow you to have your moment. I would get discouraged by the comparisons made between myself and others in my position, I would get irritated by copy cats, and pissed off because of the naysayers. I would get a funk of feeling like I had worked my ass off and waited patiently for my turn to come around only for it to be diminished by the people around me. The most valuable lesson that this taught me – anything you do for the approval of others will not withstand the storms of time, people, and other challenges.

At the end of the day when you are all alone, with no credit for your effort, can you still smile and feel successful?

Embrace Yourself

Don’t end up in a head space of feeling that you need to carry yourself like anyone else. You and your purpose are a one of a kind, tailored exclusively to fit one another. As time goes on you will grow as a person, the way you approach your purpose will change, and your purpose itself may even transition or shift directions. Trust what God has placed on the inside of you during each stage.

There is only one YOU, no one else can do what you do, and most importantly you cannot do what you were meant to do unless you are true to yourself.