Instagram Tips for Hairstylists

Given Instagram’s visual nature and potential to reach so many customers, it is an ideal fit for hairstylists and the marketing possibilities are endless. Most stylists already know the importance of implementing social media into their marketing strategy, yet they still struggle with the ability to use Instagram effectively. If you are dedicated to boosting the engagement you are receiving from your Instagram account here are some tips that have proven to be effective.

  1. Switch to a Business Account

    This will take roughly 5 minutes of your time, but doing this will allow your customers to contact you directly via your Instagram account. With a business account, IG offers you the ability to place a contact button and a call to action button (such as a scheduling link) at the top of your profile. A business account will also give you access to analytics, which will aid you in tailoring your content more effectively.

  2. Use IG Stories to Boost Engagement

    Easy to access and quick to use, Instagram Stories can help you give customers and potential clients or followers a taste for your brand. The feature can also give you a good indication of what content resonates with your Instagram audience without clogging up your page’s feed. You can tag profiles and locations in your stories as well

  3. Share Customer Reviews (User Generated Content)

    Studies show that images showing real customers using products and photos with faces get significantly more engagement on Instagram. Social proof attracts new clients and customers because it confirms the claims you have made about your products/services.

  4. Create Educational Photos/Videos

    When you offer your followers consistent and valuable information, this builds their trust in your knowledge and skills. Trust is what will convert a follower into a paying client/customer

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