Why Mindset is Important for Influencers

The role of an influencer is to inspire and to encourage their audience. Influencers also use their authenticity and everyday life to bring awareness to various brands and to “sell” the products/services of these brands. While the generalized perception of what it means to be an influencer includes a glamorous lifestyle filled to the brim with luxury items, unlimited travel, and an endless supply of bomb ass Instagram captions; the reality is that “influence” is an internal characteristic.

True influence comes from within. It is what attracts an audience to you no matter the size. It comes from consistent growth, clarity, and being in tune with who you truly are.

This blog post will discuss why mindset is so important for influencers.

1. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

As an influencer, you are constantly thinking of new creative ways to impact your audience, to attract new audience members, and to display your life in a manner that is authentic yet limited by personal boundaries. None of these tasks can be accomplished effectively with the wrong mindset. If your mind is not in check nothing that flows from it will be in alignment with your overall goals.

Your thoughts produce words and your words design your reality. Thus, as an influencer you must stay in a constant state of learning and constantly feed your mind things that will keep your thoughts positive and productive.

2. Your audience is discerning.

Your audience will connect with you for various reasons. Most often than not it is because you are relatable – they are able to see a part of themselves within you. For this reason, more than anything, your audience will be able to tell when you are off.

We all must put on our game face from time to time, but to be in a constant place of needing to cover up issues, is not an effective “obstacle management strategy”. Faking it will eventually lead to exposure. It is important to be transparent, but transparent in terms of, this is what I went through, this is how I pushed through it, and this is how you can too. A strong and positive mindset is very important, as your content is what your audience will pull from when they go through similar times of hardship.

3. Your mindset limits your ability to produce.

You can only go as far as, your faith and your ability to see the vision before it is complete, will carry you. Being an influencer is not a sprint, it is a marathon. The strategy for being a successful influencer is not something that should be taken lightly.

What do you want to pour into the lives of your audience? The role of an influencer is more than making a lot of money and more than taking fly ass pictures…it is about leaving your imprint.

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