Time to Let it Go

It is sad how we as people, can hold on to negative narratives long past them having served a purpose in our lives. We’ve connected with our pain so much that it becomes embedded in our identity and we no longer separate ourselves from what has happened to us. I am here to tell you if no one else has, that it is time let it go.

Now is the time to walk away from things that do serve your higher purpose and never look back. Now is the time to put down everything that keeps you trapped in the past and never pick it up again. Now is the time to be the absolute best version of yourself and live your absolute best life.

There is no longer space in your life for that pain

Just like everything else, you will outgrow pain. Due to pain being so familiar, as oddly as it sounds this can be a very difficult thing to let go of. For many, their pain has been with them for most of their life and they may not necessarily know who they are outside of that pain.

Whether pain has manifested itself in your life as losing a loved one to death, sickness, divorce, betrayal, discouragement, losing a job, a failing business, infertility, etc. you must learn to separate yourself from the pain. See the pain as a separate entity. The pain contributes to who you are, but the pain is not who you are. Grieve the pain, embrace exactly how you feel so that you can get through it.

As you grow into your purpose and reach new levels in your life, you will notice that everything from life’s pervious stages cannot go with you. Trying to force them to fit in this new level will cause you to miss out. Dragging baggage will stunt your growth.

What you went through was not happening to you, but it happened for you

I remember being so upset in the past thinking that when bad things happened that I must have done something wrong for something so bad to have happened to me. I lacked understanding. Life happens to everyone and I was no exception. The things I’ve gone through and the things you’ve gone through all served a purpose.

Certain experiences come to strengthen you, to teach you, to mold you into the woman you are called to be.

“What the enemy planned for your downfall turned out to be the biggest victory of your life…”

There is power in overcoming obstacles, power in sharing your testimony, power in saying if I made it through…you can make it through too.

You were created for more  

Pain is not a stopping point, it is not a place to dwell for an extended period. Pain is a stepping stone to use to get from one level to the next. You were not created to live a life rooted in pain. You were created to live a life of authority, purpose, and boldness!

Greater is on the other side of everything you have gone through. Root yourself in prayer and persistence. Now is the time to LET IT GO!