Invest in Live Events...Grow Your Career

As a business/professional woman, or just a woman who wants to grow PERIOD, there are certain kinds of events that you cannot afford to miss. In this post I will share with you why live events are worth the investment.

Tailored Content

You may have a problem area and in order to reach your breakthrough level, you need to obtain the right information. Workshops and networking events are usually topic specific, issue specific, or group specific. Specialized events typically take up a shorter amount of time, because the host/hostess gets straight to the point. The small time block is filled with amazing content that will give you the exact information you need -versus lengthy, drawn out events that try to pack so much information in that you leave feeling overwhelmed.

Restored Energy and Motivation

As a visionary, you often think that you are a one-woman army and that you are alone on your journey. Thoughts like those can produce feelings of discouragement; especially during the times when things are not going according to our plans or moving as fast as you may like. Attending live events with like-minded people can be just the spark you need to recharge your motivation. This also exposes the truth: YOUU ARE NOT IN THIS ALONE! A room filled with people who understand your journey and are ready to grow and learn professionally will help to push those negative thoughts and feelings out of your way. If you lose in your mind you have already lost everywhere else.

Networking Opportunities

“Your network determines your net worth” (I can’t remember where I heard this quote but I put it in quotation marks anyway so that you know it’s not mine lol.)

People from all walks of life may be seeking the same information that you are. In an educational and motivational atmosphere you will find that energy and creativity are at their highest –and this is the space where amazing collaborations are born. It is easy to find someone who has the skill and resources you don’t possess or for someone to find you because you possess the skills and resources they are looking for. Unifying and building with other power players can result in increased income and productivity. Success is not built alone.