How I Found My Passions

I am a firm believer that everyone was born with a purpose, but it is up to us to dedicate our time and resources to figuring out exactly what that purpose is. Taking things a step back -being clear about what your passions are will guide you on the journey to discovering your true purpose.

I will be honest, learning yourself is not an easy task at all. You are constantly growing, having new experiences, learning new things, etc.; and just when you feel like you’ve mastered the art of being you, you have to completely relearn yourself (again). The person I was last year is almost completely different than the woman that stares back at me in the mirror today. Life does not stop or slow down to allow us to catch up and it can (and will) get overwhelming.

Being true to what fuels you is a major key to becoming successful and has been the foundation for my business and my life. Everyone is different, but I wanted to share the steps that I’ve taken and the things that worked in helping me to find my passion.

1. Retrace Your Steps

Your were born with clues to what your passions are. Think back to your childhood, what was your favorite game/toy? What was your favorite hiding spot? Where did you feel the safest as a child? When were you the happiest?

I use childhood as a reference because those were the times before the “reality” of life kicked in. Before we found out what was considered acceptable and unacceptable before we were required to “know better”. Childhood is a place where you were just free to be.

When I was a child I loved getting my dolls dressed, making their clothes, and building runways out of shoe boxes to host fashion shows. I loved watching the show Top Model hosted by supermodel Tara Banks loved to see what each model would look like after makeovers. I loved everything about fashion and modeling, yet I never had a desire to model. This love has now fueled my fashion show production skills and fashion show events that I have hosted.

2. Offer Solutions to the Things You’ve Struggled With Most

I grew up with extremely sensitive skin and acne…which caused my perception of beauty to be tainted. I struggled with having low self-esteem and I always felt ugly. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, so I went through school without getting help that could have made things much more enjoyable for me.

As a result of not wanting young girls to share my negative experiences, I created a teen girl mentoring program that uses fashion to attract the girls, but offers different services and events that cater to self-esteem, self-love, and education.

3. Organize

Our brains capture and store so much information on a daily basis, that we need to figure out a way to filter what is most relevant to us.

My Method: I use note cards and write the areas that I am interested in or love the most on one side, and then on the other I write a list of all of the possible careers and products/services I could create for each area of interest. After that I narrow it down to what appeals most to me.