5 Mistakes I’ve Made in Business

1. Not Setting Goals

Without clearly defining my goals, I may as well have been taking shots in the dark. Goals have to be specific, measurable, and realistic. Being specific gives you a clear path to follow when working towards your goals. Setting measurable goals enables you to track your progress and paints a clear picture of where you are/how far you have to go. Making your goals realistic, based on your resources and skill set, helps you to develop effective methods of achieving your goals.

2. Being too Nice

I learned the hard way that the old saying “nice guys finish last” is somewhat true…you can be a nice person, but don’t be so nice that it costs you time, money, and professional connections. Everyone is not meant to be a part of what you are building, so do not give so much of you that when you need to be replenished, you don’t have anything left to give to yourself.

3. Letting Others Talk Me Out of My Dreams

I don’t believe that some people intend to be negative -sometimes they are just ignorant. Because they are ignorant about certain topics and areas they are fearful, so when you begin to talk about your visions and dreams, it scares them, and they try to project their fears onto you. You have to hold on to what you know to be true about your vision/business at the core of who you are. You also have to cut dream bashing conversations short!

4. Enlisting the Wrong Help

We take the help we can get simply because we are in need and it is available to us. That is not always a good idea. Only enlist hep that is in alignment with the vision and the mission of your brand. It’ll cost you more in the long run when you hire the wrong help.

5. Moving Too Fast

Moving too fast in certain circumstances can have the same results as not moving at all. There is nothing wrong with taking fast action, but having a strategy for everything you launch is critical to your success.