#QueensOnly - Own the Throne Bundle

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#QueensOnly - Own the Throne Bundle


In this bundle: The Own the Throne Book, Journal, and Planner


Own the Throne is a roadmap for the woman who is on a daily quest to be the very best version of herself. This book will not teach you shortcuts or give you a faster route to self-love and discovery; when you are done reading this book the sky will not open up and all of your problems will not miraculously be solved...

BUT!!! Own the Throne will push you to do the work, to answer the difficult questions, to tell your truth no matter how painful it may be, and to get in tune with the real you.

It is my hope that you are able to see a reflection of yourself in these pages, reconnect and learn to truly enjoy every moment of your journey. As life moves forward and our needs, wants, and passions evolve, we are constantly faced with the challenge of learning to understand these changes and adjust.

Self-love and self-discovery is not a destination, but a continuous journey. You already wear the crown, now learn to own your throne.

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Own the Throne is brought to you by Terrace Sherman, a serial entrepreneur with a deep-rooted passion for events, all things beauty and fashion, business/branding, and helping other women to live purposeful, productive, and successful lifestyles. The Own the Throne journal is a productivity tool for the Girl Boss who has to manage her career, her household, her personal goals/visions without the feelings of being overwhelmed or burned out. Improving your organization helps you to go from maintaining and coasting through life to thriving and living a purpose filled life.



Own the Throne is a year at a glance, dateless planner! This planner features 300 customizable pages which allows you to plan thoroughly for 1 year (12 months). The dateless pages give you the freedom to start planning whenever you want! Each planner contains: - Month at a glance calendar - Vision mapping/brainstorm sheet for the month - Monthly overview/breakdown - Master to-do list - Monthly Budget Sheet - Weekly Planner (Su-Sat) - Weekly Wardrobe Planner (Su-Sat) - Weekly Meal/Grocery Planner (Su-Sat) - Follow Up/Contact Log

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